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Posted on June 16, 2014

Does Your Event Marketing Live Up?

How many speaker events have you attended where you’ve been sent more than a few pre-emails and seen multiple social media pre-posts that promised that the event was going to be “The Best”.   However, when you actually sat through the one or two day event, you’re left with the feeling that it didn’t live up to the hype?

Both the event planner and the attendee need the event to be exactly as the event marketing promoted it to be.  In this article we talk about some tips for both the event planner and the attendee.

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How can the planner make sure the event marketing is in alignment with what the attendee will be expecting? How can the attendee make sure that the event they plan to attend is aligned with their expectations?

If you are a planner, use these tips to make sure your event marketing prepares the attendee for what they will experience.

The best way for a planner to promote and convey the tone and content of their event to an attendee is to actually “Show” them and not just tell through posts, tweets and emails.

Show off content and speakers before the event by hosting one or two Twitter chats before the actual event. Attendees and prospective attendees love to chat with the speakers they will be seeing at events. It creates a bond and an “I know them” feeling between the speaker and the audience before the event. This familiarity can produce a very receptive tone for the whole room before the speaker even walks up to the podium.


Another way for event planners to show attendees just who and what they will be seeing and listening to is to host a few short videos of their speakers on the event site. Attendees can see, hear and follow these speakers. Videos or Vimeo links allow attendees to assess how “big,” intimate or loud a speaker actually is.

Of course, event planners should always give themselves ample time to plan and carry out all of the event marketing. Great event marketing should include Twitter chats and the curation of a collection of videos of keynote speakers so that attendees can set their expectations.

If you are an attendee, use these tips to make sure you understand what you will see when you go to the event.


If you are an attendee and there is no Twitter chat or you’re not able to attend the ones that are scheduled, follow the speakers you are particularly interested in on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Feel free to connect and let them know that will be attending an event where they are speaking. Let them know your specific interests.

If you are an attendee and there are no videos of the speakers you are scheduled to see at an event in the event site, do some homework. Research the speaker. Try to find some of their past keynotes on Vimeo or Youtube or on the speaker’s website.

If you have specific questions that you are enthusiastic that you would like your speaker to address feel free to Email them if they have that option in their websites.



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