Do You Need Executive Media Training

Posted on November 12, 2014

Why You Need Executive Media Training


Jon-David, Author & Owner of Social Media Salon

Jon-David, Author & Owner of Social Media Salon

If you are a c-level businessman who addresses your internal network via internet webcasts:  You will now have to update your presentation skills.

If you are a keynote speaker whose talks are being recorded for on-demand video sourcing:  You will now have to get some up-to-date media training.

I’ve been trained in everything-media from since I was a kid to now. But now it’s all changed! That’s why I’m advising anyone who must go in front of a camera or anyone who speaks in front crowds to get coached or executive media training. I’ve learned so much from having a media coach; things I had no idea what to look out for before the internet became the marketing tool.


3 Main Areas of a Public Presentation

First and foremost you must have a good message but make sure you are an expert in the three main areas of your online or public presentations:
1.  BE IN CONTROL OF WHAT IS PRESENTED: You now have to be in-charge of all of your own media, your image and how you come across.

  • Make sure you have a contract with anyone who is going to film you and upload your “talk” to the internet.

2.  BE IN CONTROL OF HOW YOU COME ACROSS: Know your best side and how your speech and manner are interpreted

  • If you don’t have a budget to get a tried and true media consultant who will tells you things like to avoid stripes, then I advise you to get a few non-partial friends to help advise you on what looks good on you on-camera.

3.  LIGHT UP THEIR ROOM: It’s all about the lighting.

  • One of my favorite media trainers once advised me to reject doing anything on-camera without the proper lighting. The one time I didn’t insist, I looked tired and old and I received no business from that webinar.

Online and Speaker Coaches make sure you are in control of what you present, how you say it and help you present your best image forward. I work with public speakers, business executives and small and large business owners, but I am not a media coach. Good executive media training will to teach you how to instill confidence of what you are communicating to your staff, public, prospective clients or existing customers. As a social media expert, it is my job it to advise clients to get their message out and across though speaking in public as well as through on-line video channels.


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