So You Want to Be a Public Speaker

Posted on June 6, 2014

What Do You Think It Takes to be a Public Speaker?

If you are a great speaker or you aspire to be one, then you should become a public speaker immediately. I don’t mean to just pin the label “Public Speaker” somewhere on your professional website or in your Twitter profile.  If you are a great speaker then you should apply to both local and national speaker’s bureaus to get speaking jobs so that will allow you to improve your skills.  If you are just starting out as a public speaker you’ll need to have some successful speaking engagements on your resume.

Here are four tips to help you get more speaking engagements

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1) Cold Call and Network
If you want to be a great speaker, but you don’t have the experience, then you should start by cold calling local event organizers and begin to network where meeting planners are in attendance. Don’t worry about making big money or fees when you start out. Just get in front of audiences and tell your story the best way you know how.

2) Get Video
Try and get video of your public speaking, even if it’s only for a small group. You’ll be able to accumulate a video library or snippets of your various talks to layer into your Vimeo channel or website. In the future.  This will help you when you want speaker bureau representation.

3) Watch the Pros
Both the advanced speaker professional and the novice speaker should keep learning how to be a better speaker. Watch other speakers, whether it’s just via YouTube, Vimeo or at a speaker event. You’ll pick up great clues, cues, tips and insights in how to give your own talks a fresh tone.

4) Get on Panels
New speakers with current topics will always be able to get onto group panels where one can get instant feedback on how you are doing. The audience will always gravitate to the most entertaining speakers.


The best speakers always speak a lot which helps them to be booked for more public speaking engagements.

Finally, another way to get more speaking jobs is to join a speakers bureau, like Made In Chicago Speakers Bureau. The above four tips will help you build up your reputation which will make you more visible to speakers bureaus.


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