Are You Seeking Representation from a Speakers Bureau?

Posted on June 12, 2014

Are You Ready to be Represented by a Speakers Bureau?

It sounds prestigious and it looks great on your professional website to say that you are listed with a great speakers bureau. It shows a prospective event planner or meeting group that you are endorsed by an organization with a good reputation for providing quality speakers. However, how can you get on a good speakers bureau roster?

Speakers Bureau Checklist

Here’s a list of things that you should have ready when you apply to a speakers bureau because you may be asked for them on applications.

Make a list of Speaking Engagements
You should have at least one year of speaking under your belt, but you should also have a list of places/events/panels where you have spoken. You’ll need to provide the names or companies that have booked you.  Those will be your references. You might be asked if you were paid for your presentations. This gives the speakers bureau a guide for the range of fees charged they can charge for you. Don’t worry if you don’t have an abundance of large-fee engagements as your qualifications. Your experience just might be what a group wants.

Make a list of Titles
The titles of your presentations are very important. They let people know the tone and information they can expect from your specific speeches. Keep a list handy and try to change the title of the same speeches around a bit so it doesn’t ever look like you have a history of repeating yourself. List different speeches and titles on applications.

Make a list of Topics
Your topics of expertise and what people can expect great orations about from you can include a wide range. Hint: Don’t list every topic you’ve ever spoken about; list only the number of topics are required on an application. For example: if an application asks for your top topics, list only 5. “Cancer Survivor, Genetic Disposition, Tech, Startups, Poetry.”

List any Books or Publications
You’ve heard the term “publish or perish?” If you want to be a speaker and you are seeking representation, you should have something you’ve written or said in print. Audiences want to know that they can read your words or read about you before or after they listen to you speak. Speakers bureaus always want to taut you as an author.

Make sure you have Video!
You may have embedded videos or webinars on your professional website or you might have video snippets of your talks on Vimeo or YouTube.  You should have those samples ready to send to a speakers bureau if they ask for them.

speaker bureau application
Use our checklist before applying to a speakers bureau. Do try to get an application or two from the speakers bureaus where you want to apply. They might ask you for much more or less than I have mentioned here such as what are your fees for Local, National, or International engagements; are you willing to travel; what are your social media accounts; etc.

The Made In Chicago Speakers Bureau requires all speakers to complete an application form as will as submit several types of tech related links to interface with our booking app. We invite you to join our community!



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