How to Cut Your Speaker Budget

Posted on June 5, 2014

Cut the Speaker Budget!

Of course you want a top speaker at your event who is on-topic, motivating and sync with your attendees wants and needs. Great speakers can be very expensive and yet, while worth every penny, there might be a few options that will allow you to slash you speaker budget.



Hire Locally

If you are hosting a speaker event in a big city like Chicago, there are always great speakers available. Check with local speaker’s bureaus to see if they have the perfect speaker for you event. You will save thousands of dollars on flights, hotels, food and transportation normally spent on out-of-town speakers. And local speakers may not even charge their normal rates when they speak in their own cities. You can always ask for a “local discount.”

Instead of 1 or 2 Keynote Speakers, have 5!

Think outside the box. You can cut your speaker budget or just get more bang for your bucks if you hire 3 to 5 medium priced up-and-coming speakers rather than 1 or 2 high priced speakers. If your event usually had 1 speaker in the past and this year you had 3, you’re changing up the pace and this might be a very good thing for your event. Having multiple speakers allows shorter presentations and variety You might even bring all the speakers up at the end of all the presentations and have them do an open panel discussion.

Get a Sponsor!

A lot of speaker’s bureaus are very well connected and may be able to help you find a sponsor for your event to pay for outright or subsidize your speaker’s fees. Example: “Rise Interactive Presents: Ramon DeLeon”

rise interactive

There are different types of sponsors. If your group or attendees are the prime target market for a brand that brand may sponsor your speaker if they can have product placement or signage or swag or flyers in front of your people. Contact us if you would like to be a sponsor for one of our speakers.

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