Speakers Bureau Application

How to apply to become a member if the MICSB speakers’ community

We are always looking to add speakers to our community.   We need  a wide range of talent so that we can book you with planners, conventions, local meetings and small & large groups.

Follow these steps to apply to become a member of the MICSB community:

  • Download the MICSB Speakers Bureau Application and complete it.
  • Create or update your About.me landing page
  • Create or update your Vimeo Channel
  • Send us 3 pictures of yourself, preferable one or two of them should be you talking to a group
  • Send us your business logo as a .jpg, .eps and/or .png file(s)
  • Create or update a video and send it to us so we can use it
  • Send us a list of prepared presentations along with a short description of each
  • Send us a list of testimonials for some of your past speaking engagements

Email the completed MICSB Speakers Bureau Application and the files to Jean Pickering


  • Keep in mind that you want to optimize your answers so they are compelling and short enough to be viewed on a mobile device.
  • Everyone must fill out a Speakers Bureau Application.
  • We will review your application once we have received all of your information as listed above.
  • We will use your application to populate our website and when ready, our mobile web app which clients will use to book you.
  • Read our blog for Public Speaker Tips and follow MICSB on social media


SpeakersBureau TINY  Click here for the MICSB Speakers Bureau Application


Click here to download our application process checklist.     Speakers Bureau Application Checklist


Contact us with any questions.


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