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5 Easy Speaking Tips to Make You Look Like a Pro

Not many people know this, but during my last corporate job part of my responsibilities included coaching consulting teams on their oral presentations before they met with clients to present our proposed solutions. For three years I learned A LOT working with extremely competent professionals who had no idea how to stand and present in front of a group. Here ...

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Speaker Tips: Avoid these 3 things in your Speeches

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”― Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums Speaker Tips: When giving speeches to an audience you want to keep their attention by using words and sentences that convey your message. I recommend that you choose simple words and sentences to do so. Whether you audience is highly educated, very young, or they ...

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Are You Seeking Representation from a Speakers Bureau?

Are You Ready to be Represented by a Speakers Bureau? It sounds prestigious and it looks great on your professional website to say that you are listed with a great speakers bureau. It shows a prospective event planner or meeting group that you are endorsed by an organization with a good reputation for providing quality speakers. However, how can you get on a good ...

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High Tech Speaking Tips

High-Tech Speaking Tips When I first started speaking in public, all I thought about was if I was going to bomb or not. I’d write and rehearse my speech.  Then until the next day, I would agonize whether the audience was going to like me or not.  Now there is much more to worry about when you give a speech: There’s the audio and visuals (A-V aids), PowerPoint, ...

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How to Research a Speech

How do you research a speech? Start by using your head. I’m a professional writer with an acting background and I have years of Second City training so I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to speak at many functions. Whenever anyone has asked me how much research I put in to give any of my speeches, I’ve always answered, “very little.” My advice on how ...

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So You Want to Be a Public Speaker

What Do You Think It Takes to be a Public Speaker? If you are a great speaker or you aspire to be one, then you should become a public speaker immediately. I don’t mean to just pin the label “Public Speaker” somewhere on your professional website or in your Twitter profile.  If you are a great speaker then you should apply to both local and national speaker...

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